Kitchen splashbacks – How can you Save Money on It

When you are investing in huge sheets of kitchen splashbacks, you may find that there are excess left after installation. Instead of throwing it away or stocking it in the basement, you can use it in the kitchen. The kitchen countertops are essential for the functioning of the kitchen. You can use the excess splashbacks on the countertops or on the area near the sink.

Mix and match

For a little bit of creativity, you can mix and match the various kitchen splashbacks. Over the sink, you can have the glass splashback. Near the stove, you can have a countertop made of large tiles or bench top splashbacks. On the space over the cabinets, you can go for a colourful paint and install timber on the counter top. As a result, you will be able to indulge in your favourite splashback material without going overboard on the budget. In addition, you kitchen will have an artistic mix of design and colours.

Think long term

Once you change the kitchen splashbacks, you may not think about replacing it in the next few years. Therefore, it is necessary to study and understand the advantages of each kitchen splashback materials. Marbles are beautiful, but it gets easily starched and has stains by wine or fruits. Mirrors make the kitchen brighter but they do not do the job of absorbing the moisture. Similarly, wood will hold scars of any heavy dents over a period.

Rectangular tiles

These are best suitable to make your kitchen look bigger and taller. Rectangular tiles when used horizontally or vertically can create an impressive visual appeal as it makes your kitchen space look comparatively bigger. This is an option that you should try if your kitchen is really small.