Insurance Company Rejected Your Auto Accident Claim? Hire an Accident Lawyer

Auto Accident Claim

If you are involved in a car accident, there are certain procedures to follow immediately after. You must collect all details regarding the mishap (including taking photographs), get witness records, report the incident to the authorities and contact your insurance company for compensation claims.

However, insurance companies are notorious for denying or delaying payments and in such a case you must contact accident lawyers in Brisbane to help you get what you rightly deserve.

Filing for Damages yourself

In most cases insurers deny payments if the adjuster declares that your claims has no merit. In such a case, no amount of persuasion will change the scenario and accident lawyers will then file a lawsuit for car accident.

Many times however insurers delay payments even if your case has merit, in the hope that you will give up in frustration. This is purely a financial move made keeping in mind the car insurance company’s own balance sheet. They evaluate each claim from the perspective of profit or loss for their shareholders and not for common people who pay insurance premiums.

Appointing your own Lawyer

Hiring car accident lawyers to fight your case can change the scenario dramatically. Most insurance companies will not dare to play around with you if they know that you have a lawyer by your side. They will show more respect and promptness in dealing with claims made by lawyers as compared to claims made by unrepresented persons. They just cannot afford to deny payments claims made by lawyers without citing proper reasons for it. They will make some offer, no matter how low it is.

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