Instagram Printer Hire Will Make Your Event Unique

Today if you launch a product, have an event or a party, they are never complete only just after they are shared on social media. Even if it’s a business launch or your wedding, for sure you want to remember it forever. Your event can go viral through the help of the hashtags on Instagram.

There is a retro Instagram Printer that can print the photos that have been uploaded to Instagram with the appropriate event hashtag in less than half of a minute.

How does this printer work?

It’s quite simple. You have to take the picture, tag it then print it. Even your guests can take photos with their mobile phones, then they need to add #your-event-tag to the photo and after that, their photos will be printed automatically and your guests can take them on their leave.

Instagram printer hire for your wedding or event

The best thing about hiring an Instagram printer for your event is that there will be no more queues. You can take photos anywhere and whenever you want because you are not limited to the location of a photo booth. Saving time means having more fun.

Also if you have limited space, that is not a problem. The Instagram printer doesn’t take up to much space so it’s a good asset for venues where space is an issue. You will have all the fun of a photo booth without the required space.

Another awesome thing is that you can get photo prints of your ceremony. You can encourage the guests to take photos during the ceremony, and they will be printed during your hire period. It is awesome to capture moments anywhere and everywhere.

Those amazing printers can help you with your product launch or a select event. Using a hashtag printer will provide a live feed of all the great things that will happen in that event and also everything will be shared on social media with ease and efficiency. You can create unique hashtags for your event and let the attendees know that they can share that trough Instagram. Every printed photo can be customized with your logo, product or whatever you may need. This is cool because guests will take a memento of their launch and a reminder of where they went to.

Hiring instagram printer hire Melbourne can produce the results you need. A great tool that will take your event viral as people are encouraged to share. Also, the copies of all these photos can be used for further events as well and as a good promotional material. Because it is said that a picture tells a thousand words, you can imagine what happy guests can say about this.