Importance of Having your Own Letterhead

A letterhead is an essential corporate stationery item without which no business can communicate effectively and completely. Even in this age of email, actual correspondence takes place for myriads of reasons and only a letterhead is used for such purpose between businesses. Professional printing services providers are usually the best people to contact when you need to print letterheads as they have the right people and machineries to do a thorough job.

A professionally designed letterhead can help to convey vital company details, establish credibility, convey your corporate vision and also help in brand recall. It is like a visual ambassador for your company. It helps in creating a unique brand identity for your company and projects it as a professional in its sector. The layout of the letterhead, the colours, the quality of paper, the accompanying envelope… all these are equally important in creating the right impact for your company.

Order Online

Placing your order with online printers is another effective way of saving on letterhead printing costs. They offer highly competitive rates and are in no way less competent that regular printers. You can compare rates of several online printers and also read customer reviews before placing your order with them.

Contact a Local Printer

Letterheads usually have simple designs that can be printed accurately by most printers with basic infrastructure. That is why it is not compulsory for you to get your letterhead printed from a branded printer unless you are opting for expensive sheets and fancy decorations. Local printing service with a good reputation can print your letterheads just as well as top-notch printers at almost half the price. It is best to shop around a little; bargain hard and compare rates of at least three or four printers in order to get the best rate.