Ideas on How to Recycle Your Clothes

Part of the waste management is recycling. This is not limited only to plastics, papers and other recyclables. You can recycle your old clothes too! Get in touch with Skip bins rental for them to help you recycle these items. On the other hand, what comes next are some of the creative ideas on how to recycle them at home.

Help the needy

There are so many people in this world who are more than happy to get your discarded clothes. Send clothes which are unfashionable, old or unused to the Goodwill centers, Salvation Army or the local help house. Find out about social reform centers, poor houses and destitute care associations which need help.

If you send donations to these places you will benefit from tax deduction too. With a little research you will be able to find out addresses of drop off zones for these kinds of organisations. You will gain the two way advantage of giving back something to the society and making place in your wardrobe for new clothes.

Convert clothes into other items

Many of your old flared skirts will make pretty quilts or wonderful world art. Consult a friend who dabbles in interior designing to discuss ways in which your old clothes can be recycled. Let your imagination loose and organise a workbasket full of scrap clothes, needle, thread, glue and bobby pins. You could end up creating beautiful craft for your home by recycling clothes.

Get in touch with your church

Be a good member of your parish and help them by donating the proceeds of your garage sale to your church. You can organise a jumble sale and sell off your old clothes, scarves, accessories, shoes etc. The money collected can be donated to the church. Or recycling all your unused or old clothes by donating them directly to the church members can contribute to charity.

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