How using both Xero and MYOB Accounting Software give best of both Worlds

Cloud computing is the new trend in town and the current market leaders are MYOB and Xero. The most important features in favour of cloud computing are – ease of access, off-site backup, and remote-accessibility. It is beyond doubt then that as a company that’s geared towards providing the best of everything to its customers you have to switch to cloud computing and accounting software immediately, if you haven’t already done so!

The doubtful part though is figuring out which of the presently available softwares to use. Of the most widely used ones like MYOB and Xero and CRM, it is a hard choice. An easier solution therefore would be to use two or more softwares in tandem and utilizing all their features.

Understanding Xero – the new kid on the block

Xero is shaking up the accounting world. Literally! Not only has it taken on MYOB and other companies heads on, it has products that make accounting look a little less tedious and a little more fun. Xero also offers PayPal integration which is a great piece of news for small time businesses.

The main reason though why Xero is creating such a storm is that its software is more customized and offers many more helpful tweaks and changes that make accounting easier with this software. Xero integrated Customer Relationship Manager can be integrated together and you can even make your accounting a part of your customer services.

The drawback to using Xero is that it is not very user friendly unlike MYOB and someone who is using it for the first time may find it a tad difficult to play around with.

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