How to Set the Sale Price of Your Property?

Selling a property is usually once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and naturally you would want the best price for it. However, you must be practical too as the wrong asking price will surely put off prospective buyers. Asking advice of Mosman real estate agents  will be of great help.

Considering the gravity of the process, you need to do some research and serious deliberation in order to arrive at the right price. Real estate selling is not easy as prices and other factors fluctuate regularly. As an astute vendor, you must consider all factors that influence real estate prices and set your sale price accordingly. Estate agents are highly recommended in this field.

Prepare a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) Sheet

Once you have noted down the sale price of multiple properties, compare the results with your own property. Comparison parameters include the age, style and construction method of your building.

Note any special features that the building has that might enhance its value or any drawback that will depreciate the sale price. Include other investments like landscaping the garden or installing the latest home improvement gadgets such as digital TV that will remain part of the property. If you have recently renovated the property, include that too while calculating your asking price.

Conversely, you must adjust the price suitably if the home buyer has to make substantial renovation after the purchase. Usually a pest inspectors are hire before buying the property. Also keep in mind the development potential of your area. Once you know both the pros and cons of your property and the recent selling price of similar properties, it will be easier for you to determine the asking price.

However, do keep in mind that certain styles (colonial era, heritage architecture) and locations (beachfront, hilltop or city centre) will always fetch a high price. Seek help from construction project needed in your property.

Having an alarm monitoring system will definitely increase the sale price of your property.