How to Protect your Upholstery from Getting Spoilt due to your Pets

Fabric covered furniture is the perfect addition which can increase the beauty of your home. There are many types of fabric available which can be customised to fit the interior decoration scheme of your home. You will get lots of choices in terms of fibre quality, fabric types, colour schemes and beautiful styles. However in order to preserve their beauty you need to keep your fabric upholstered furniture safe from your pets.

Drive off fur

Your little furry pets will all have their favourite spots to lie down in. If you have identified spots on your furniture where your pets are prone to romp on then placing blankets on those areas can help control the damage. When pets lie down on upholstery they transfer their natural body oil and fur particles on the fabric. With prolonged use these oils invade your upholstery with microbial growth and unpleasant odours. Clean/ vacuum your furniture upholstery regularly and keep washing the covers so that dirt doesn’t settle in. For upholstery and polishing services, contact a furniture upholstery service.

Eliminate pet wastes

Even if your pets are well trained and obedient they can still get sick or have an accident on your fur. As soon as you notice pet waste on your furniture upholstery takes the initiative of cleaning it up. Scrape off solid waste wearing plastic gloves and a bin. Then pour water and a gentle bio cleaner to clean off the affected area. Remember that fast action is necessary to limit damage. Check the label on the cleaning solution you use and as far as possible stick to organic cleaners.