How To Manage Your Fleet of Forklifts

The forklift operator is not the only person causing machine abuse by lifting heavy weights. Other common abuses which impact the machine is continuous movement of the machine even while shifting materials, upward or downward movement of the machine on a ramp, cracks or damage in the facility or floor area etc. Maximum money is spent on repairing the abuse caused to the machines, which are not carefully looked into by the machine manager. The fleet can be on a progressive run only when the damages caused are less.

Adequate maintenance

As a person cannot move around rationally without food and water, even machines find it difficult to move around when not maintained well. Not monitoring the machine at proper intervals will lead to excessive damage and breakdown of the machines. This way you end up more time repairing the machine than running it to complete the job. The forklifts have to be services by an authorized dealer at periodic times and a report on the overall operation and parts handling should be obtained.

Safety Harnesses

Safety harnesses are used to keep construction workers safe when they have to be lifted to heights in order to do some work. They are the most common and most frequently used equipment in the construction industry. Safety harnesses come in various types and may have an inbuilt fall arrest system to catch a falling worker, or a fall restraint system to prevent falls. Since the fall restraint system is very restrictive of movement, the other type is generally used with a retractable fall arrestor.


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