How To Maintain The Shiny look of your Timber Flooring

A hard wood floor like timber flooring looks amazing and sophisticated. It adds to the glamorous look of the house and it makes the house inviting. A lot of people who are now building their house are using hard wood floors for their house. Hardwood floors like timber floors have always been one of the most loved and most common type of flooring found in ones house. Its natural color looks really good and its very simplicity is what makes it elegant. HeartWood Timber Floors and Shutters look really amazing when it is shiny. It needs regular and proper maintenance for it not to look dull and boring.

Here the steps on how you can maintain the timber floors’ shiny and inviting look.

1. Remove everything that is covering the floor.

The first thing you need to do is to move away your carpets and furniture that are covering the floor. Nothing should be covering the floor for you to have an even application and even look after you will be finish in cleaning and polishing. Uneven looking floor looks ridiculous and it makes the people think that you are not cleaning your house well. Plus it will make your timber flooring cheap. After removing everything that is covering or blocking the floor, sweep the floor and vacuum it up to make sure that there will be no dust on the floor anymore. If you do not do this, it will really be messy when you apply the polish on the floor. It will be like there is mud on your floor. So sweep it properly and vacuum clean it well. Make sure that the floor is dust free.

2. Mop the floor.

Create a solution of water and wood cleaner and soak a mop into it. Remove excess water in the mop until it becomes a bit damp. After doing so, mop the floor using it. Do it properly and do it by areas so that you will not be the same floor over and over again. If you do not, you might be putting dirt on the cleaned area causing you to clean it again. You will be wasting time if that happens. Make a partition on your floor so that it will be easier and faster for you to clean it.

3. Polish the floor.

After mopping the floor, the last thing that you will be doing is to apply a wood polish on it. Apply wood polish on your floor using a clean cloth, a sponge or you can also use the mop. Just like how you do it when you were mopping the floor, create a partition so that you will not be applying wood polish on the same parts of the floor. It will also help you apply equal amount of wood polish on the floor. After the whole application process, the next thing you will be doing is to wait for the wood polish to dry. If it is already dry, you can already walk on it and put back the carpets and the furniture you moved.