How to Incorporate an Element of Class and Simplicity in your Trade Show Booth?

Trade show displays could mean big money provided you plan your business exposure properly. It’s up to you to make the best impression you can in the limited time frame of the trade show. However a trade show fill be fiercely competitive with lots of booths vying for customer attention. Trade experts say that the theme of simplicity and classic appeal in drawing potential customers to your booth.

Pique the interest of your audience

Think of ways you can capture the attention of your audience even before they arrive at the venue. Once inside the venue the interest of your audience can get diverted. Decide on the theme of the tradeshow and then send a subtle reminder of the great things to come by a tantalising message.

For example if your theme is floral you could send a bouquet of dry flowers. If your theme is Hawaii send people a pineapple with your logo and caption on it. This way people will automatically seek you out when they enter the trade show and you won’t have to invest in an ostentatious booth which seems to scream “look at me”. You can also use printed balloons on your trade show booth.

Give your customers a breather

20 minutes inside a trade show premise is enough to exhaust the senses of a typical customer. Walking down crowded narrow pathways filled with overeager booth staff and loud screaming messages is enough to crowd the senses. A simple classy booth design will seem like an oasis of peace in this madness. Put up a simple message with an elegant theme. The lesser words you put into your trade show displays booth the better it is. Make sure that your signage is well crafted and classy.

Never forget to bring promotional items for your customers when you join a trade show!