How to Identify if your Home Builder or Contractor is not Up to the Mark

Building a home is a dream project and one of the most significant lifetime investments for most people. You spare no expenses towards the project as you want to build a comfortable and durable structure that will last for years. But with so many ‘good’ home builders all around, how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? Knowing more about identifying a bad builder is in your interest since only a competent and reliable home builders in Mackay can do proper justice to your trust and investment.

Lack of References

References build reputation. This is true of most professional service providers and home builders are no exception. So while checking out builders, always remember to ask for references of satisfied clients along with their contact numbers. Call up the homeowners and enquire about their experience of having worked with the builder. Avoid builders who can’t or won’t provide references.

Some builders are just starting out and may not have too many satisfied clients worth mentioning. It is for you to decide if you would want to hire such inexperienced builders. You should not also hire a concrete contractor if  they do not have enough experienced.

No Proper Address

A reliable home builder worth his name will never hesitate to disclose his regular address along with all contact details. A regular address is a sign of reliability and professionalism. Avoid builders who won’t disclose their complete details. This may either indicate lack of professionalism or the fact that the builder has had shadowy deals in the past and wants to confuse future clients regarding his place of operation.

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