How to Have a Good Night Sleep

Some drugs prescribed for heart ailments, asthma and blood pressure and even some herbal medications for cough and cold may cause insomnia to a certain extent. It is always advisable to consult your physician if you are having problems sleeping while taking drugs for any of these ailments.

Workout Early in the day

Working out early in the day is a good healthy practice. Because during a workout, the body secretes a lot of enzymes and hormones which elevates the body to a very elevated level and the body metabolism is very high.

So even though you may seem tired after a workout, your body is continuously burning more and more calories even after 3 to 4 hours from your workout. Therefore, it is advisable that you workout at least 6 hours before you go to sleep.

Overhaul Your Sleeping Room

Remodelling your room to promote good healthy environment for sleep is also a good idea. Adjust the lighting patterns of the house in such a way that you wake up with ample natural sunlight or artificial lighting at the right time. Maintain the ambience of the room by using scented candles or room fresheners and ample temperature maintenance setup.

Take a Refreshing Hot Bath

In order to relax from the tiring daily schedule, take a hot bath and rejuvenate yourself just before sleeping. The cooling down of the body after a hot bath is believed to promote sleep and bring a sense of relaxation.