How to Ensure your Tenants Contribute towards Basic Property Maintenance

As a landlord it’s natural for you to feel concerned about the state of your property after you have leased it out to tenants. Sometimes landlords find that their property maintenance costs have exponentially increased due to the negligence of tenants. Here are a few things you could do to ensure that your tenant contributes to the maintenance costs.

Legal obligations of tenants

A tenant has certain legal obligations towards the property he/ she has rented. The most important responsibility that a tenant has besides paying the rent is to make sure that the property is clean and safe. If there is some unnatural damage to the property at a time when the tenant has occupied the property then it’s the responsibility of the tenant to take care of it/ repair it. If he/ she do not do so then this is a direct breach of the national tenancy laws and the landlord is in every right to break the tenancy agreement or press legal charges.

As a landlord you should inform tenants that they are legally obligated to prevent the proliferation of unhygienic and unhealthy conditions in the property as this might lead to contamination by microorganisms or breed rodents. The tenants cannot construct objects that are harmful to older adults or children. The tenants cannot overcrowd the place of residence to such an extent that there are property maintenance issues.

Summary of tenant responsibilities

Tenants are not allowed to make structural changes to the property or deface any part of the premises. Whenever any major security system malfunctions or there is some breakage in the absence of the landlord, the tenant must immediately contact the landlord.