How To Do Screen Printing

Screen printing has been done for a while now and most t-shirt printers are still doing this thing. Art will always find a way to be visible anymore and artists will always find a way to have their arts published and be seen by everyone. Many people ask t-shirt printers to print their sketches on a shirt so that they will be able to show it to people and to advertise as well. There is no better advertisement than to actually be one. Having a beautifully printed shirt will amaze everyone and would make everyone curious as to where you have bought it and surely, they would be suprised to find out that it is your very own art.

Here, you will have an idea on how to actually print something on your shirt or your choice of fabric.

1. Start with the framing.

The first thing that you should do is to pick a fabric or a t-shirt where you want to print some designs on. After doing so, get a wooden frame and place it on the center of the fabric. Staple the corners of the fabric on the wooder frame that you placed on it. Make sure the staples are tight as if the fabric are about to be ripped off because this will ensure that the design will be printed properly. Put as many staples as you please to make sure that you get the fabric firmly on the wooden frame.


2. Put on the emulsion that you have mixed.

Buy an emulsion that is used in screen printing. Follow the directions on how you should mix it After doing so, apply this on the fabric very thinly covering all the area that must be covered. You can’t miss any area so be careful in doing so and make sure that you have covered every inch of the fabric in the frame. When you are done, let the emulsion sit and dry in a completely dark room. This should be done overnight for the emulsion to completely dry.

3. The black paper.

First you need to spread the black paper that you have on the floor. Then, place the wooden frame with your fabric on it top side down with the staples on the top side. When you are done, tape your transparencies or design on the dry side of the screen. When you have done doing so carefully, get a lamp and place it above the wooden frame facing the transparencies for how long the directions said so.

4. Start printing.

When it is all done, rinse the screen on your wooden frame using a very cold water and let it dry afterwards. Put your screen on the fabric that you wish to print on with the stapes on the top side down. Put a paint on the screen, the color will depend on your then let pass a flood stroke using light pressure for the paint go through the screen. After, lift up the screen and see the image that you have printed, let it dry then. Iron and wash the fabric when it is completely dry.