How to Detect White Ants Infestation

White ants or the termites live all over the world. They can wreak havoc to your home so you have to make sure to keep them out of your home. The first thing you have to look out for are damages to your wood. There is a high possibility that the damage was caused by white ants. Here are the signs that your home may be suffering from white ants infestation:

1.    White ants – Obviously, you have to look for crawling or flying organisms around your home. If you find dead white ants or a detached wing in one area like your window sill, be observant. There is a huge possibility more termites are present in your house and are currently damaging your floor, your walls, or your ceiling.

2.    Hollowed woods – These are the most common signs of white ants invasions. Try tapping your wood. If it makes a hollow noise there is a big chance it has been damaged by white ants. If you see blisters on its surface you can be sure you have white ants in your home.

3.    Mud – Moist, dark conditions are where white ants thrive. Mud is their ideal living space so if you see earthen lumps anywhere inside your home, call the white ants terminator right away. Check out the White Ants

4.    Tunnels – White ants build tunnels made of mud so they can travel safely while gathering food for their colony. They are usually found on foundation walls and floor systems. To find out if there is an active white ants infestation in your home, try breaking the middle of the tunnel and check back after a couple of days. If it has been rebuilt, you can be sure white ants are actively damaging your home.

5.    Noise – White ants usually get busy during the night. Tapping noises from walls and subfloors are the usual signs of white ants infestation. This is because white ants tap their heads on the wood to signal others from the colony.

These pests work every day but they work slowly. It will take them years to totally damage the structure of your house but you have to act fast if you want to eliminate them successfully. Hire a professional that can perform the necessary actions to remove those white ants from your home.