How to Choose Commercial Underbench Dishwashing Equipment

Commercial under bench dishwashers or under counter dishwashers are generally mounted on the floor and settled under a stainless steel bench in the dishwashing area. There are a few but major differences between commercial dishwashers and domestic dishwashers. Commercial dishwashing differs from domestic dishwashing particularly in power consumption.

This is because the wash cycles in commercial under bench dishwashers is fast and frequent, so make sure you have required power available in your kitchen. There are many options available in the market for commercial dishwashers. But there are few things to look for when you are purchasing your equipment, as this will help you save both money and energy.

Did you know that buying second hand kitchen equipments can save you up to 50% of its original price? This is ideally applicable when you are just starting your catering business.

Water Consumption

Look for re-circulating style dishwashers, which reduce the demand for hot water. Expect your dishwasher to consume 2.5-3.5 litres of water with every wash cycle. These are available with all commercial dishwasher makers. Also, the less water your equipment consumes, the more money you save in your commercial dishwashing.

Power Consumption

Newer dishwashers save huge amounts of water but require more power than the older models. Most under counter dishwashers now require a minimum 15 amps of single phase power supply. So if you are upgrading from an older model, which mostly used 10 amps of power, call up your electrician and get your power supply fixed.

Hence if your business is any of the above, you can expect to get the maximum benefit from your equipment.

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