How Does Solar Power Work?

Converting sunlight into electricity is quite simple and looks all set to become the prime energy generating mode of the future. Solar power is clean, safe and abundantly available as long as there is enough sunlight. This green energy emits no poisonous fumes and does not use any non-renewable fossil fuel.

Your house and other areas can be easily lit up with the sun’s energy by installing a few simple solar panels. This is a renewable and economic source of energy that can be tapped for as long as the sun is there!

How is Solar Energy Converted to Electricity?

Solar power is produced by tapping the sun’s energy with the help of some key components. These include the solar panels and an inverter. An electricity grid circulates the energy produced around a block and a meter measures your regular consumption.

The energy can be harnessed even on overcast or cloudy days although the output will be reduced. At night when the solar panels cannot harness this energy, your electricity needs are met through power supplied by the grid.

The Inverter

The inverter is connected to the large solar panel through a cable. It converts the DC current that is generated in the panels into 240volts AC current that is used for domestic consumption. Some inverters have a digital display that shows the amount of electricity generated throughout the day. Any surplus electricity produced is fed into the main grid that supplies the electricity to residences.

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