How Does a Termite Infestation Begin?

Termites are found in colonies and are hence termed as social insects. The major types are the subterranean and the drywood type termites. A wooden furniture or structure is said to be infested with termites if some of the termites are present in it as a colony.

Subterranean type of termites need moisture to survive which they obtain from the wooden source they infest or go to the ground and come back after obtaining sufficient moisture. Moisture can be found in the structure they infest due to seepage, leaks or dampness present due to absence of proper ventilation. Drywood termites are an exception and need no additional moisture to survive and can hence attack even dry hard wood. Hence, by hiring a professional building inspections Melbourne,  your home will be surely termite free!

The healthy colonies send the winged termites in search of food and these set up new colonies. The subterranean termites spread out in search of food and in this process create tunnels of mud as well to reach a food source. Once a potential food source has been identified they end up creating a new colony in it.

Essentially termites will attack any wooden structure which is easily accessible to them or anything in a damp environment which suits them a lot. Access to the wooden structure can be found through cracks in the structure or through pipes which are located nearby to it.

Their preferred mode of invasion is from the bottom of the structure from the soil, so any outdoor structure such as a wooden deck or a patio is very much prone to termite infestation as they are placed on soil and termites might already be residing in the soil.

You can also contact building and pest inspections on how you will be able to avoid the termites from your home.

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