How do Online Hearing Tests Work

Hearing loss can have a very large impact on people’s lives. They can lead to low social activity because people are unable to understand others which may lead to depression anxiety and insecurity. Good thing is, there are available tools such as hearing aids which can help people overcome this hindrances. But before that, one should first be able to realize that he or she has hearing loss. And how do you do this? Simple by doing some online hearing tests on your hearing.


Online hearing test free may assess whether a person possibly has problems in hearing. Because they are very easy to take, anyone who suspects hearing loss may benefit from it before going to a professional. It can also be used to monitor one’s hearing over a period of time. It is a very convenient tool that anybody can use. One just needs a laptop with a built-in speaker or headphones. It is important to note however that tests are more accurate in quiet environment and that the test instructions about device calibration should be followed. It is also important to not adjust the devices setting once the test has started.


Some online hearing tests do this by testing a person’s ability to determine the numbers or words spoken amidst an increasing amount of background noise. This test is also called speech-in-noise test. Some involve listening to sounds in different scenarios. Some tests involve adjusting a knob until you can hear a low pitch tone, middle pitch tone, and high pitch tone and evaluate differences in the ability to hear low and high frequencies. This test is also called pure tone audiometry.


Some involve asking questions about someone’s hearing like whether one finds it hard to have conversations in a quiet area, a large dinner party, on the phone, or difficulty in understanding voices on the TV and radio. These questions aim to understand a person’s day to day capability and the struggles he or she may be going through. These everyday struggles sometimes point to and thus help determine what specific hearing problem the person has.

Although online hearing tests may point out possible problems, these tests are not standardized. They also do not determine diagnostic of an actual hearing loss and cannot determine whether a person is in need of a hearing aid. If one suspects hearing loss based on the online test result it is still better to seek out a professional for a comprehensive hearing exam.