How Do Evaporative Coolers Work?

Nature cools by evaporation, and this same process is employed in evaporative coolers that use the high latent heat of water to cool down homes. The evaporative cooler has wet pads that are soaked continuously in water, and as the hot air moves through these wet pads the heat is transferred to the water molecules and the air coming out of the cooler is much lower in temperature. By this simple technology, you can have air that is almost thirty degrees cooler than the outside air flood through your house and cool the interiors.

Also, since the cooler’s action results in the constant movement of air inside the room or your house, you perceive the temperature of the air as even lower than the temperature to which the cooler has lowered it to. This is known as the “effective temperature” and it is almost always four to six degrees lower than the “evaporative cooled temperatures”.

When is the best time to use an evaporative cooler?

The hottest part of the day is when you should ideally use an evaporative cooling. This is because, the relative humidity decreases as the temperature increases. This means that the cooler will be more effective in cooling the air when the humidity is low and will function better in the afternoons as compared to the mornings and late evenings.

Ensure the wet pads in the cooler are saturated all the time and there is enough water in the cooler for the evaporation to take place.

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