House Extensions Fetch You Higher Resale Value

When you sell your house, an extension can make a lot of difference as to the amount at buyers value your home. A house with clever additions like a converted backyard, or an outdoor patio, or even extra rooms can fetch a lot of money in the market as compared to smaller houses or houses which have converted areas.

House extensions give you extra space

And let’s face it; we all can use some extra room in our homes! So if you do not fancy climbing into the attic to reach your workplace or going down into the dingy basement to reach your home library, then extensions should be your first and foremost priority. You can finally have your own den, and the kids can stay out your way in their own private areas!

Extra rooms can be used for renting

A good way to earn a few extra bucks from your extended house is to put it up on rent. Not every tenant may face living in a converted garage, but if there’s a nice and warm room that is cut off just enough from the main house to provide privacy while still giving access to the main house and all it facilities, you will find many takers for it.

Home Improvement

A backyard with no lights is not a good place to hold a party. Not only does lighting make the whole place look festive but it will also help your guests in finding their way around the place. Use string lights, solar powered lights, and old Victorian styled lamps to decorate your backyard and create a festive and jolly atmosphere. Make sure to keep the lights at strategic points so that they light up the whole area without being in anyone’s face as such. If you want to have a cosy dinner party with close friends, garish lighting will spoil the mood, so think of all those scenarios when you place the lights.

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Create a pergola

Backyards are interesting house extensions and they are made even more special with pergolas that you can use for alfresco dining purposes. All you need is to pop in a dining table and chairs and hang some sheer curtains and you have a private area all to yourself where you can enjoy a quiet meal with your close ones.

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