What You Must Consider First Before Hiring Jumping Castles

Do you know what a jumping castle is? Actually, there is a chance you have already seen this form of entertainment for kids but don’t know what it is called. By just the term of it, jumping castles or bouncy castles for others are those you have probably seen in carnivals, in the aisles of malls and in many other places. This form of entertainment is actually safe to look at as this is made of inflated balloon formed into something like castles thus the name jumping or bouncy castles as kids can jump into this. This is actually great if you are planning to give your kids a treat like maybe a prep graduation party and many others. Though this looks safe but you still need to make sure of that if you planned to hire one as you never really know if the one you hired is durably made.

© http://www.neverlandcastle.co.nz/

© http://www.neverlandcastle.co.nz/

And so, if planning to hire jumping castles, here are some things you must first consider to make sure that your party will go smoothly:

  • First thing you should think of is the place where you planned to have the jumping castles. Take note that this is inflatable thus it must not be placed over an area with pointed objects or stones as they might make the toy burst while the kids are still jumping on it. Preferably, it should be a flat area, can be grassy or not as long as it is free of things that might prick the jumping castles accidentally.

  • If you are planning to have the jumping castles indoor, then see to it that the place is spacious enough. Besides, most of the time, the company where you will hire the jumping castles from will check the venue first before they will give in to your request.

  • Though these things come in different sizes, generally they really to be in a spacious area. And since the kids will be jumping on them, there must also be a good enough space for the kids to go in and out of the jumping castles.

  • Someone must be watching while the kids are playing with the jumping castles as they might all go in at once. Take note that generally, the standard size of jumping castles will only accommodate up to about 9 kids. But of course this is given that they are in the average sizes.

  • Check for an insurance when you hire the jumping castles though most of the time, when it comes to these things, the insurance will only cover if the accident happened because of the installation. Aside from that, the client will be the one that is liable.

  • As there are accessories for jumping castles, you might want to check those out too. However, most of these accessories are only for the safety of the kids who will be playing with the jumping castles. Some of these accessories are sand bags, groundsheet and many others.