Herbal Tea – The health assignment

A lot of persons globally are either affected or infected with chronic diseases. If it isn’t you, it is someone you know. From the air we breathe to water we drink to foods we eat are possible causes of diseases. Foods we eat have been criticized over various researches as being the leading probable causes of cancers, obesity, diabetes and what have you. It is for these reasons that food companies have gone green or herbal if you like ranging from solids to the liquids, from your supper to your breakfast herbal options have been made available. Residents of Australia are not any different from the other people when it comes to food consumption. Since we can’t stop people from eating, why not give them a healthy option.

Of one such invention is herbal tea. Tea is such a common beverage it’s almost difficult to extract it from the food equation. The health concern with tea, normal tea, is the presence of caffeine in it. Caffeine is a drug by definition of its stimulating result to the central nervous system. The addictive component and negative side effects of caffeinated normal tea form the basis for innovative production of herbal tea.

Herbal teas have eliminated the caffeine substance found in normal tea and incorporated plants, herbs and a variation of spices. Preparation of herbal tea is quite some work if you are not using tea bags. Fresh parts of plants are used or you can choose to dry them first before usage. These parts can be the flowers, the leaves, the seeds or the roots of herbs or all the parts combined. With your parts in a container, you will have boiling hot water poured over them then allow the concoction steep for a period of time. It is advisable and favorable however to have seeds and roots boiling over a source of heat. After your concoction has steeped enough, you strain the liquid contents then serve. There you have it, your herbal tea. You can choose to sweeten the beverage or take it that way.

The health benefits that have contributed to consumption of herbal tea are amazing and unbelievable even. They give a calming effect, take away little anxieties and jittery and give you a more relaxed and conducive state of mind. Herbal tea otherwise known as tisane eradicates the possibilities of having heart problems. They help in solving problems related to the stomach and digestion. Tisane acts as a detox ingredient, cleansing your body of toxic substances. It gives you energy for your day to day activities and general wellness. For persons struggling with weight problems, certain tisanes work well for weight loss.

Australia has a wide variety of herbal tea; chamomile, cinnamon, dandelion, ginger, peppermint, red clover, just to name but a few. Several stores make it readily available for you either as dried plant parts or tea bags. You can also choose from an online provider from the comfort of your home.