Guidelines on Repairing the Damage Caused by Termites

Termite infestation is a reality that we have to deal with. You should immediately deal with this as early as possible to minimize the damage.

Ensure 100 percent Termite Removal

One of the first steps in repairing termite damage would be to eradicate termites completely with the help of a termite professional. Call the Pest Inspections Southern Highlands as soon as you suspect termite invasion. Without their assistance, there is all possibility for active termites to be hiding somewhere in your house and all your repair work will go in vain. While trying to find the extent of damage and the active termites do not focus only on the damaged portion of the house or furniture, try and find the source and path through which the termites made an entry. That way you can seal the scope of entry of termites in future through that path.

Decide the Extent of Repairs

Sometimes the cause of the termites may do up to the foundation of the house. In such cases repair work from the ground level needs to be considered which may involve laying a new foundation as well. Decide on how far you would go to get the repairs done as laying a new foundation may involve a lot of expenses as well as inspections by a state code level officer. If the repairs are thankfully only superficial in nature, then decide whether you would repair it yourself or get it done by a contractor.

Get the Repair Work Done Completely

Be forewarned that termite repair generally starts out at a high level but once you get into it, it involves much more and the expenses may increase exponentially. However do not stop midway or just cover the damaged area superficially. It needs to be treated at the root level to bid goodbye to termite infestation forever. Keep this in mind while getting repairs done and be ready to shell out a few thousand of dollars at least.