Guidelines on How to Use Ski Tubes

Do you want to try a different adventure this holiday? Then try using Ski tubes when you are on a vacation. If you are new to this water sport, keep in mind the following before starting to ride.

Proper Communication

Before starting riding, make sure that all the riders understand the hand signals. If the riders don’t have any knowledge regarding hand signals, take some time in educating them about the hand signals. There should be a rear mirror in the boat, to keep the driver informed, about the situation behind the boat.

Towing Speed

The towing speed of boat should be 20-25 mph for adults and less than 20 mph for children. In the plane area, according to the weight of riders, its speed should vary from 10 mph to 20 mph. Children below the age of six should not be allowed to ride.

Life Jackets

All the riders and driver should wear life jackets. Life jackets ensure the security of riders, at the time of emergency. In case, any rider falls off the tube, bring down the speed of boat and pick the fallen rider immediately.

The fallen rider will not be visible to other boats. So the spotter needs to take prompt action and navigate the driver about the exact location of fallen rider. Driver should slow down the engine and remove the ignition key, while moving the boat towards the fallen rider.

Sharp Turns

The boat drivers need to be extra careful at sharp turns. The reason being, when boat moves in a straight direction, tube also moves in the same speed, in which boat is moving.

But when a sharp turn comes, the speed of tube increases and becomes almost twice the speed of boat and makes the situation risky. Most of the severe ski tubes accidents happen, while turning the boat.

One of the best water sports that you can also try is the wakeboarding. There are various techniques that you can do in order to get up on the wakeboard.

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