Guidelines on Choosing a Storage Unit for Various Items

Using a storage unit to pack things like a furniture, electronic devices and others is a safe way for the the items. Storage units provides an appropriate support for the items on it, and for that, different items should need different type of storage unit as well. Storage units Adelaide provides various type of storage for your need.


For packing heavy furniture like wardrobes, first thing you should do is, empty them completely; otherwise there is a harm of them getting damaged. If possible, separate those parts of furniture, which can be separated such as legs of table and bed bases.

Instead of directly placing the furniture into the box, provide a soft brace to these heavy items. Cover cushions and seats of chairs with plastic.

When you are planning to send this type of items abroad, you should consider the credibility of the company.

White Goods

You need to be very careful while storing white goods like refrigerator and air conditioners. Empty your refrigerator completely and clean it well from inside with baking soda. For keeping it fresh for a long time, put deodoriser in the refrigerator. Dry the refrigerator properly before packing.

Metal Items

Metal items like tools and others are prone to catch rust over a period of time. Make sure that you oil them properly before starting their packaging. You can use tissue paper and plastic bags to store them. Keep metal items away from furniture.

Books and other Items

For packing books and mirrors, place them horizontally into the boxes. Never place them vertically as vertical placement might cause a serious damage to the structure of books and bring cracks in the mirrors. Always use small boxes for storing books. Large boxes will be difficult to move and might break down.

Precautionary Measures

Avoid packing harmful items like kerosene oil, chemicals or inflammable items. Use only strong boxes of high quality, so that you can use your stored items again in the same lively form. Make sure that the storage units which you are using are free from humidity and moisture. Seal them properly from all sides with tapes.

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