Guidelines Before Purchasing a Home TV

When you are thinking to buy a new TV, it is always advisable to do some research first. Check the specifications of your prospect TV on the internet and seek a professional advise of Digital Antenna Installers.

The bigger the better

Going for a big screen television gives is something that experts recommend for an awesome viewing experience. Rather than investing in any other features like 3D or smart TV or ones with higher refreshing rates spending a bit more on large screen size gives you the full value of your money.

The upper limit for size depends on your taste, budget and the space where you want the home TV install. To fit your new TV in place of your old one, ensure that there is ample free space on the top and the sides of the TV to allow the free flow of air for ventilation.

If this is not possible then buy new furniture (on which the TV will be placed) which is in accordance with your freshly purchased, bigger TV set.

Consider buying plasma TV

It may astonish you that your “old” plasma TV provides a better picture quality in addition to being pocket friendly than the “new” LCD and LED TVs. The problem of an image “sticking” permanently on the TV screen or the burn-in effect is much hyped about. If you are a normal viewer then it is not a major issue.

Most people have a home TV install in the size range of 42 to 65 inches which is good enough for the plasmas but for sets other than this range(very large or very small size), consider buying LED/LCD model.

Plasmas have a lifespan equivalent to their LCD counterparts. They may look a little chunkier in comparison to the thinnest LED (which is actually LCD TV with LED backlights) but thin, stylish plasma TVs are common today. Plasma TV and fulfil all your needs and are quite cost-effective.

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