Graphic Design Studio: Is It Worth It?

The large sized companies mostly prefer to have an internal graphic design studio and a marketing team since it is more cost effective than otherwise. While the integrity of such an initiative is not to be questioned for large sized companies with numerous design projects being run simultaneously, it is however of prime importance to mention that for the medium or small sized businesses, it may turn out to be a better decision to hire a web designer team from outside the organization. Hiring from outside does have a number of benefits which may include and are not confined to the following:

Dedicated Team For Design

Having an in-house design team may appear to be cost effective, but once you get into the details of it, it has certainly gotten expensive over time. Hiring an internal team entails that you have to determine salaries, raises, matching taxes, hardware and software costs, their upgrade and maintenance, sick days, health benefits, vacations and what not. But as soon as you choose to hire a team from outside the organization, all such headaches vanish instantly. Hiring a team from outside enables you to get rid of funding the department or the concern of making it profitable. An outside team is supposed to have all the required equipment, software, hardware, and a dedicated staff to get your job done as quickly as possible and that also up to your specifications, while you kick back and relax, and are concerned with the design at hand only.


There is no argument over the fact that in order to stay in business, a graphic design studio has to be competitive. An in-house team may end up providing only a limited amount of skills and talent. However, choosing from outside the company enables you to have variety amongst which you can determine the team that suits perfectly to your requirements.


Hiring an internal design team with remarkable experience is not only difficult but kills the desire of cost effectiveness as well. And this is where an external graphic design team steps in. It offers all the experience that you want built into the studio which ensures that your design task is accomplished with perfection and convenience with little to no hiccups at all.


Choosing to have an in-built design team overwhelms you with the management tasks. Posts like project manager, art director, or production manager may stay vacant unless you or someone from the staff fills it up. However, hiring an external graphic design studio enables you and your staff to focus and concentrate on their respective tasks and run the business to make it profitable rather than deciding the font or paper weight of your sales brochure. The outside liberal resources may also enable you to broaden your perspective and target the customers which were being ignored by your in-house design team.

With such a huge number of benefits being offered by the graphic design teams, certain companies are still reluctant in hiring one. The most prominent reason behind such an ignorance is the cost, however, if the benefits that it offers and all the long term headaches and costs of an in-house studio are taken into perspective, it is only fair to state that the cost is quite affordable to say the least.