Girls Night Out – What to Wear?

The age of a girl has always determined the world of women’s fashion.  A fifty year old cannot dress up like a seventeen year old. A teenager should keep in mind the following things while going on a girl’s night out.

A baggy trouser goes well with a small feminine blouse. Harem pants can be opted for absolute comfort. It can be worn during a dancing trip with the girls. A fashionable silhouette can be created with structured top and well crafted jewelleries.

Leggings, boots, tank tops and a sweater have always remained an integral part of women’s fashion. Funky accessories can be combined with these. Colour concept should be kept in mind.  Some girls prefer to wear the same colour.  It adds a fun element to their fashion statement.

High heels– Young girls are very passionate about high heels. High heels can make a girl uncomfortable and spoil her evening. Shoes should be comfortable and go well with the tone of the evening.

A clutch Bag

A clutch purse can hold all the necessary items.

Women over forty also have their girls night out.

Suitable Dress

Flared jeans can hide the extra bulge around their body.  A ‘’v’’ neck top can reveal the beauty of her neckline. Tops should not be tucked in. A thin or a thick belt can enhance the charm. See designer plus size clothing.

Accessories and Shoes- The accessories should not be too loud. Shoes should be given due attention. A pretty clutch purse can complete the look.

Women’s fashion is incomplete without a pair of gorgeous eyes. A good manicure is a must. A girls night out is a time to enjoy with abandon.

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