Getting Mobile Web Versions

The first thing you should keep in mind while getting a mobile optimised website is that mobile users deserve the same experience as the laptop user. In fact the browsing experience should be same across all mediums. In technical terms this means that web designers who are working on your project should make sure that the visual appearance and the structural blocks change without creating any content dysfunctions. All end users should have content access and should be able to use all functional features. Three things that have to be on the priority list are image, grid structure and the content. Screen size may vary but the experience should not.

Create flexi images and adaptive visuals

The unique selling point of responsive web design is that they are adaptable to any kind of screen size and shape. Obviously it means that the images too have to shrink or expand according to the screen shape and quality. Don’t put in bulky images as this will simply increase the load time. Remember that the average attention span of the mobile internet surfer is only 5 seconds. If your website doesn’t load in that time the user will shift to a different website. Always make sure that site elements are compressible and expandable to a certain degree.

Part of the overall deal

In today’s times, if you want your business grow, you can’t ignore marketing tools like SEO, SEM or mobile apps. These tools help you build a reputation and increase your brand awareness and value online. Mobile versions of your company website are simply a part of the deal in the larger scheme of things. Website designers Brisbane would be able to tell you so.