Getting A Designer Engagement Ring For Your Special Someone

If you are now planning to buy an engagement ring, then it only means you have decided on the girl you want to live with for the rest of your life. It only now depends on the girl if she feels the same. There is of course a greater chance as you have been probably together for quite some time already or else you won’t be planning to get an engagement ring right now. It will now be up to you to show to this girl that you are really serious in your intent of marrying her, that she is always in your thought and that for you, nothing else matters. You don’t have to tell her in words but you can show her the profoundness of your feelings through the engagement ring you plan to purchase.


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When it comes to choices of engagement rings, there are just about endless of them. Well, this will only add to the hardship but this can also add to the excitement. So, to help you with, here are some tips in getting a designer engagement ring for your special girl:

–    First thing you should consider for your designer engagement ring is its band. For sure you already know what a band is; it is that circular part that will be worn in the finger. There are many types of bands like gold, silver, and platinum. As for the gold type, you can either opt for the golden gold or the white gold which is actually more in trend these days.

–    The next step should be is to decide on the setting and also the gemstone of your designer engagement ring. The setting is that part where the chosen gemstone is attached. You can either choose if you will go for a prolonged setting or the invisible style. You can just also let the designer decide on this part especially that they are more creative and artistic when it comes to designing as an engagement ring. As for the gemstone, you also have a number of choices though the most popular is the diamond. There is the real diamonds or the synthetic ones. As diamonds are expensive, this should greatly depend on your budget but you can expect that your chances will be greater if you will choose the diamond.

–    Then the size of the band. Actually, this is the most important especially if the engagement ring is meant to be a surprise. You have to get her ring size behind her back. The size must be précised or the ring might not fit at all.

–    After all those mentioned things above, you should now be ready to shop for an excellent jeweler. He doesn’t have to be the most expensive jeweler but he should be really capable. To accomplish that, you can check his previous works or refer to his previous clients. You can also check out his online link to see for yourself his array of created designer engagement rings.

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