Get Finger Food Budget Catering

We guarantee our yummy finger foods would suit your event whether it is a small gathering or a huge product launch. You are going to get delicious favorites like crab cakes and crunchy chicken wings. Even if it is just finger food, we will certainly satisfy your appetite in more ways than one. Our packages would depend on the number of guests you will have in your event so you better know the head count.

You will be surprised at the affordable prices and premium quality of our budget local catering. We make sure to keep the food warm and fresh even for the guests that come in late. From the pork ribs down to the mini pizza, you can be sure each finger food will make your guests come back over and over again. Nobody will be surprised if they want to order more food. When we arrive at the event, we will make sure to bring more than enough food for the hungry hounds.

Get Free Quote

Fill in a few details including your contact information and the details about your event.  We will get back to you in an instant after we have analyzed all the details. It won’t be long before you will receive a package that is the right fit for both your budget and your taste. We are open to sitting down and discussing the food you prefer and the food you would like to omit in the package. Keep in mind all the packages are customisable so they aren’t exactly final. We make it a priority to prepare delicious first class food so we only use the highest form of ingredients.

No Disappointed Meat Lovers

For all the meat lovers out there, your pockets won’t hurt as our budget catering company will prepare you fine roast beef or yummy roasted chicken. We know that meat needs to have the right amount of carbs as its companion. Therefore, we made it a point to have potato wedges and pasta as good options to go along with the meat.

Good for Any Function

We welcome any function you may have whether it is a wedding, an anniversary party or a birthday celebration. The budget catering Melbourne company will provide budget catering for your event. The best part about it is we provide the food you want at the price you prefer.