Food Safety Measures your Caterer should Follow

In the catering industry, the one thing that can kill your catering service is a food contamination scare. Bacterial contamination of food is very easy and there are specific regulations in place to help you ensure that the food that goes out of your doors is quality controlled and germ free.

The local health department and your catering service

Local health department checks are the bane of the catering services, but their constant vigilance makes sure that the people in the restaurants are always on their toes and take adequate safety measures. Following the 7-point Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point or the HACCP system will also save you much heartache. The system which was originally designed for NASA astronauts guarantees that food in your kitchen will always be safe:

Assess the food contamination hazards and potential risks in your kitchen.

Identify the critical control points in food handling including points where the food can be cross contaminated and cooking and hygiene procedures.

Set up a rule board for all employees to follow which will help maintain sanity at all critical control points identified.

Monitor the critical control points identified and use regular training to reinforce safety protocols.

Take corrective actions immediately whenever a critical control point is compromised.

Keep detailed records and flowcharts of all temperature checks.

Follow the rules and keep an eye on it to make sure it is working for your kitchen.

Each food item in the kitchen should have its own flow chart that depicts how the food item is procured, stored, cleaned, and all the other processes it undergoes before landing up in a dish. This will help in identifying and keeping a check on the critical control points. Buy commercial oven here.

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