Folding Arm Awning

Folding Arm Awning is a quick and smart outdoor shade solution to use that extra outdoor space you have in your home, often attached to a wall in your house, providing shade without blocking the area below it. Primarily functions as shade from the harmful ultra violet rays of the sun. These are retractable in design, stable and can withstand long hours of use even during extreme weather conditions due to the structure and materials used; no vertical beams or vertical supports, thus no disturbance from what is beneath it.

Folding Arm Awning are available in all types of fabrics that allows you to choose what it is that will suit your needs based on the area where you are to put it. Apart from the wide range of selection in terms of fabrics used, these outdoor solutions come in different structures or types such as Full Cassette, an Open Cassette, and a Semi Cassette.

Some of the benefits that Folding Arm Awning brings are as follows:

 Aesthetic Enhancement and Protection from the Sun and Rain

Aesthetically enhancing your house, providing that modern touch; providing that aesthetic enhancement as well as protection from the sun, Folding Arm Awning allows you to enjoy the outdoor without worrying about the effects of the sun’s harmful ultra violet rays; providing protection to your furniture and your appliance, preserving the condition of these furnishings and appliance.


 Energy Savings

Being outside with your family alone will let you keep your appliance running, such as air conditioning units, television, fans and others. Australians in general love the outdoors activities, picnics, gathering, grilling and just chilling outside with a cold beer. Apart from such, Folding Arm Awning gives or provides shade to your house, thus during winter rains, can help keep you fresh outside, thus saves energy from using heaters.

 Ease of Control

Such Folding Arm Awning are often remote control operated; either electric powered or solar powered, thus, no need to manually retract them should you want to use or close them.

 Other long term savings

Folding Arm Awning provide shade and protection to your furnishings and appliance from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun so does the damage that rain and other extreme weather can bring. Thus saves you money since it extends the lifespan of your furniture and appliance, saves you money from repairs and replacements, and saves you money from calling a professional for maintenance and repair needs.

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