Fix Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains in residential lines are most likely to happen versus a city’s drainage system or even just a building; for the reason being that plumbing lines at home are smaller in diameter. Usual clogging happen quite often than not, as the kitchen sink often flushes mold, grime, fats, dirt even food portions thru the sink, thus clogs the plumbing line. This is quite an easy fix, as there are home remedies that you can try to de-clog it, such as baking soda ad vinegar, if it does no work, try a plunger to de-clog it. Else, you may need to call a handyman to de-clog it or fix it from the p-trap.


Kitchens are often the reason that residential owners call for professional assistance from a plumber or a handyman, but it is not always the case. Even bathroom sinks gets clogged, so does bathroom and toilet drains, not to mention shower and bath tub drain. Blocked Drains of this sort are often tricky to fix, given that you don’t have access to the piping like that of a kitchen p-trap. Often the source of the problem in these areas is human hair, soap deposits and who knows what else. Nonetheless, you can always revert back to that vinegar plus baking soda technique to try to de-clog it, if it does no work, try a plunger to de-clog it; else, call for professional assistance.

It is not often the case in most countries where urban planning was properly mapped and designed. Drainages and water exits have been properly laid out and documented, thus, eliminating the foreseen troubles and scenarios such as these Blocked Drains. Nonetheless, certain scenarios have also been considered and planned to provide fix if there is a call for such.

Blocked Drains outside houses are often caused by dried leaves and litters from people. Candy wrappers foil packs, paper and plastics also are a major concern by local sanitary engineering departments not just in certain or few cities, but rather most of them.

Blocked Drains are the common cause for flood and other flood related cases. Urbanization had been widely considered by realtors and developers yet sacrificing the bodies of water by disrupting the natural flow. Face it; everyone is guilty at this, one way or another.

Blocked Drains can be prevented, if not totally eliminated with proper urban planning and discipline from every single person that lives in this world. Hire the best here.