Family Things to Do in Broome – Book a Whale Watching Tour

One of the common family things to do in Broome would be to set a date for a whale watching tour. There is nothing like interacting with these lovely sea creatures and it is best to book one at Broome Whale Watching. Don’t think twice about calling us or emailing us for any inquiries as we will do our best to respond right away.

It is advisable to get only the most experienced whale watching operator in the country and we have over 15 years of experience. That is certainly something you can’t buy so there is no doubt the tour will go along safe and smooth. We are confident you will have one of the most unforgettable tours in your stay in the country so bring your cameras and be prepared for some picture perfect moments.

Hop Aboard the Ballena

The entire whale watching tour happens in a huge sailing ship called the Ballena. It is designed to make you experience the humpback whales like never before. We are confident after the tour that you will recommend us to your friends as one of the top family things to do in Broome. Once you experience the sights and sounds of the whales, you will realize all the wait for this tour was worth it.

We prioritize the safety of our passengers so the ship is equipped with all the necessary equipment needed in case of an emergency. We are confident the tour will go along as planned. The views of the continuously growing humpback whales won’t be interrupted by anything unexpected during the tour. There is also a hydrophone available on board to help you feel the moment in this once in a lifetime experience.

Tour Inclusions

Our whale watching tour becomes one of the top family things to do in Broome because it includes bus transfers from wherever you are staying in Broome. Because of that, you won’t have to worry how you will get to the tour. You won’t even have to wake up early for it because we would adjust to the time you prefer after giving you our recommendations.

It would be a good idea to do the tour during the afternoon so you can catch the sunset as the view would be very nice. When you get hungry, we have cakes and biscuits on board as well as sumptuous cheese antipasto platters that will surely satisfy your cravings.