Everything You Need to Know About Wooden Floors

Whether it’s a new house or home renovation time, choosing the right floor for a home is an important subject. There are various types of flooring options out there but which one would suit a person’s residential needs can be a tough call to make.  So here are 5 best types of wooden floors to help you take an effective decision.

Floating Floors – Timber floating floors have become one of the most used wooden floors in Australia. Unlike other wooden floors that require timber flooring to be nailed or glued to the floor, floating floor doesn’t require any of that. These floors can be layered up over concrete, tiles, plywood etc given that the floor surface is levelled and strong to hold the wooden floor in place. Apart from being a super quick option, floating floors are also economical and is heavily chosen by most home owners across Australia. These floors can be designed to resemble any timber as per the liking of customers such as Oak,

Cedar, Jarrah etc. This option is perfect for homes as well as offices as they are incredibly quick to install.


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Solid Timber Floors – They provide solid timber flooring that’s designed to endure tough conditions and offer classic shades that suit the overall decor of every home. Its heavy craft also makes the house naturally warm and also helps keep germs and bacteria away. A1 Flooring are Adelaide’s best timber supplier. Visit them now and get the quality floors you need.

Parquetry Floors – These are the most reliable kind of wooden floors as they are well-built and have a reputation of going strong for years without any trouble. They come in a variety of shades and mosaic patterns such as blocks, jigsaws pattern, overlapped designs etc.

Bamboo Floors – Bamboo flooring offers a feel and looks that is similar to hardwood floors, when in reality they are created using a type of hard grass. They are cost effective and easy to maintain which makes it one of the most highly recommended flooring options around.

Hardwood Floors – Hardwood floors are another popular type of wooden floors preferred by most people in Australia. Hardwood floors’ counterpart softwood floor is a slightly delicate version of hardwood flooring. It is durable and one of the most sustainable wooden floors out there.

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