Essential Tools For Gardeners

Gardening is an essential skill that lets you grow your own organic fauna and flora in your backyard or garden. With a little bit of practice and knowledge of gardening and the right kind of tools, it is only a matter of time before you start growing your own vegetation. Tools are very important for gardening. Even for a small area, not all gardening techniques can be done by hand. From digging holes to watering the plants to adding fertilizers and much more, the Brisbane gardeners have his/her set of tools handy. Some tips for buying the right kind of tools include, analyzing the size of tools you will need for your garden and what you can handle. Another important tip is to buy tools with wood or metal coated handles – these are usually light weight and of good quality. Storing the tools is something the gardeners need to be aware of too. For example, tools with long handles must be hung on a rack.

Let’s divide gardeners’ tools into two types – Tools with long handles and hand tools. Long handle tools include the pruner, round-headed shovel, trowel, spade, bow rake and leaf rake, and digging fork. The pruner with a long handle is used for cutting branches from plants and trees. The shovel is used for digging holes in the ground to place the plants and trees. The bow rake is used to level sand and gravel and also removing any debris from the soil. The leaf rake, on the other hand, is for removing unwanted leaves and grass from the soil. The digging fork is more of a mixing tool for making changes to the soil. A trowel is a must-have gizmo and is used to plant bulbs, seeds and small plants. It is also used to uproot weeds such as plantain.

Hand tools are those which are smaller in size and usually carried by gardeners in their kit. These include hand rake, short pruner, scissors, shears and water breaker. The hand rake is for gently removing the debris from around the plants without disturbing their positioning. The pruners and scissors are each used to cut off unwanted branches and dead flowers, cutting herbs and twine. It is a usual practice to grow grass around plants and trees. The shears are used to trim unwanted grass around the trees trunks and shrubs.

Other than long handled tools and hand tools, there are other objects that a gardener must use for his own safety. These include hand gloves which can be synthetic ones or latex coated cotton gloves or leather gloves, each serving a different purpose. For example, the heavy duty leather gloves are used for tedious jobs such as digging holes or clearing debris. A water hose is also part of every gardener’s tool kit. A compact one that can be used to water all kinds of plants is a must have tool. By investing in these essential gardening tools, gardeners find it very convenient to carry out their job. It also helps maintain and grow a beautiful garden.