Energy Saving Ideas that You Can Apply With Your AC Unit

Air conditioning unit is truly one of the useful equipments in our home especially during summer. With the frequent use of this, our electric bill will also go up. Here are some ideas that you can use to lower down our bill.

Centralised versus Individual Units

It is important to make a correct choice between a centralised and an individual unit system for your office space based upon your requirement. A centralised AC unit is viable only if you need air conditioning for your entire office space.

Individual units are appropriate, if you need air conditioning for few of the rooms. In addition, it is important to choose a unit size according to the size of the room. While a unit too small for the room size will be ineffective and not cause proper cooling, a large machine will increase the electricity consumption.

These factors go a long way in reducing electricity bills.

Use Thermostat

You may install a programmable thermostat, if you have centralised air conditioning. Use the thermostat to increase the temperature level in the evenings or even during the days when it is not too hot. Contact Air con installs Brisbane Commercial.

Modern air conditioning units display the outside temperature. It is vital to check that you do not set the temperature to more than 8 degree Centigrade below the external temperature.

You will be surprised to see the significant drop in your electricity bills by adopting this simple practice.

Replace Old Units

You may consider replacing your older units for newer ones. Modern technology has improved upon the design of the machines, which has made the devices more energy efficient.

While the seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) of older machines is about 6 or 7, that for quality new machines available in the market can be as high as 12 or 13.

Another commonly used appliance in our home is a television. Digital TV Antenna installers  are experts when it comes to TV installation. Furthermore, this is something that should  not be done on your own, unless you already have an experienced on this field.

Storage units are use in packing heavy items like AC unit, television and others.