Effective Tips to Rid your Lawn of Rodents

Rodents are a nuisance – wherever they may be in the house, and they are also carriers of germs and diseases. If you have a vegetable garden or a house lawn that is replete with a variety of food plants that can attract rodents, you may be in for a nasty treat as it will be near enough impossible to keep your garden free from rodent attack. If you do not take any ready measures that is! So take heed of these tips below and make sure your garden is not home to disease causing rodents and pests.

Identifying the culprits

You may not always see a mouse scurrying around in your garden, but there are tell tale signals all around if you care to look that will tell you that it is time to do some pest control in your home. The vegetables in your backyard garden may be half eaten and can have signs of sporadic damage. This is one of the common signals of mice infestation. Mice nests can be found if you look really hard and grass nests can be spotted in cosy and shaded corners of the garden that are signals of mice or other rodents living in your garden.

Once you identify that there is a rodent (most possibly mice) residing in the wonderful habitat of your garden, contact termite treatments Brisbane.

Safeguard your electric wiring

Squirrels, rats and other rodents have powerful jaws and sharp teeth that can rip apart the electric wiring in your home in less than an hour. Incidentally rodents have an uncanny attraction towards anything chewy like furniture upholstery, rubber pipes and wires.

These pesky pets generally enter your home through exposed spaces and make their way into attics, walls and lofts. Once they get inside an area which has exposed or concealed wiring they will start chewing and damage the wiring. Automatically your home will fall in the high risk zone for fire damage. You probably know about the disastrous effects of fire damage which may not even leave your home in a recoverable condition.