Easy Tile Removal

There are times that we want to change our floor tiles or wall tiles to replace it with something more good looking or something that is more refreshing to the eye. It could also be because some of the tiles are already broken or in badly need of replacement.

Here are some steps on how you can remove your tiles in an easy way.

1. Break the tiles up.

When you want to remove a tile, it is better to break the tile up so that it would be removed in small pieces which are easier to remove. You should cover the tile to be broken with a towel or a tarpaulin to avoid some sharp pieces to fly that might also get in to your eyes. The towel will give a smooth breaking sound to the tile for it to just simply break underneath without hurting anyone or including the next tile to it.

Tile Removal

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2. Remove the broken tile piece by piece.

Since the tile will be broken into pieces, you can remove it piece by piece because it is easier. You can use your hand in doing and if there is a part of the tile that is hard to remove, you can use a tool to easily get all those tile pieces that have stuck to the cement.

3. Clean the floor and break the next tile again.

Before breaking the next tile, it is important that you clean the floor first. You should use a broom to clean all the small pieces of the tile that are on the floor. This is for you to be able to easily remove the next tile again. You also do not have to clean the entire floor again and again since every tile area is already clean. This will make your work so much easier.

4. Smoothen the cement where you will be putting the new tiles.

Before putting the new tiles on the floor, it is important that you have already smoothen up the cement where it will be placed so that you will have a good looking, leveled floor. If there are bumps on the cement, surely, your new tiles will not be level with each other and this would surely look bad when every tile has been placed because by this time, you will already notice that some tiles are not leveled with the others.

Removing tiles may be a tough job but it could be fun and easy if you just know how to do it this way. There are a lot of people who do not have to hire people to this kind of job simply because they can already do it by themselves. All they have to do it to have all the needed tools and start this home renovation. In no time, when you actually enjoy the work, you will not notice that you already have removed the tiles that are needed to be removed and have placed the tiles that are new and better looking.

When home renovation is done and all tiles are replaced, do a regular tile and grout cleaning to maintain the quality of your tiles.