DIY: Treatment of Termites

Ever heard the phrase “small but mighty”? This can be related to the white insect popularly known as termites. Their small nature does not take away from the fact that they are dangerous when it comes to destruction of a home. They have a fast rate of reading into things within the blink of an eye of care is not taken. Constant appraisal and being on the lookout for them promotes early detection leading to control of the situation in order to prevent loss of any kind. The following are some of suggestions to help you detect and control termites on your own.

First and foremost, if you find yourself facing an attack from termites it is best to determine the specie or type of termite involved in the infestation. The perimeter of the building starting from inside before going outside should be checked. A valuable point is that termites are underground creatures so it is most likely the attack will start from the foundation of the building so you might be able to find them in your garden’s soil. If they are located there, termite treatment for that specific infestation is available.


Investigate all areas, nooks and crannies of the building that is made of wood. Termites are partial to timber so if there are holes or burrows with whitish grains coming out then it is most likely due to termite infestation. The inspection of all areas of the building should not be restricted to the inside, sheds and obviously stacks of firewood should also be checked. Regions of Australia experiencing humidity levels that are high have the tendency of dealing with dry wood termites. Termite treatment for dry wood termites can be gotten in home improvement stores and also in hardware shops.

Another termite treatment method happens to be termite bait that can come in very hand when culling termites. Usage of this can reinforce chemicals that have already been employed. In situations where termite control products have been applied some areas which are deep inside the walls, soil, posts, and other hard to reach spots, may not be reached. The use of baits helps in culling the termites that are still hidden as at the time of application of chemicals. Ingestion of the bait by the termites takes care of their killing as termites are sure to take them into their colony where every colony member has access to them.

The measures enlisted above are sure ways to help control and cull a building from termite infestation that is if the problem is detected early enough.