Disadvantages Of Shutters During Winter

The idea of you browsing the Internet for articles, discussions and topics that focuses on Shutters, explains that you are either investing on these types of window coverings or window dressings, or perhaps is problematic with regard to the investment you made, with regard to the window dressings or window coverings you have at home, most especially during and after extreme weather and climate.

You perhaps are wondering if you are the only person that is experiencing these problems with your window dressings or window coverings, in particular with your window Shutters.

As most of these Shutters are made of wooden materials, it is but normal that you are to expect a few concerns most especially during and after extreme climate or weather conditions, such as.

• Wood Expands when wet or exposed to cold

It is the character of wood, natural characteristic, that it expand when wet, moist or even if it is just exposed to extreme cold. The weaving and threading of the inside of each wood is the part that absorbs moist, thus allows or forces it to expand. Now, given the form and structure of these Shutters, it is but normal and expected that the wood planks of these things would be hard to close when open, and open when closed, since the borders would expand during such weather conditions.

• Wood attracts formation of molds

Wood when exposed to water, or when soaked in water or even moist, and not dried quickly may tend to develop molds and fungus in it. And these Shutters are in its form made of wood, and always exposed to extreme weather conditions all year round, rain and snow, both will leave it soaked in moist or water, and as it is, will form and develop fungi and molds in most of the areas, especially when not cleaned regularly.

• Wood part has the tendency to break

wood exposed to extreme weather and climate conditions, wet ad dry, all year round, most especially those wood portions that were not prepared and treated right with sealant, will weaken and become brittle. And as for these Shutters, more often than not, nowadays the grade or quality of wood used are not as sturdy as the ones used before.

These are just a few cons of Shutters as compared to other window coverings and window dressings that would make you think twice, nonetheless, if you are to think about it, all widow coverings and window dressings have their own disadvantages. It all would depend on what suits your taste and so as what it is that would fit your lifestyle. Check out shutters Sydney North for more details on what window shade to get for your home.