Typical Antenna Issues that Require The Assistance of a Professional Technician

One of the major benefits of having digital antenna is that it corrects disturbances in the signal and keeps the picture perfect. But sometimes there will be disturbances that are greater because of weak signal or some other issues that cannot be handled by the antenna. This is usually called as digital cliff. This causes pixellation in the picture quality, i.e. TV picture will be broken up into small blocks. Sound may also fail because of this. Worse, the picture may freeze and sometimes even go blank, indicating weak signal or low signal. Having a good antenna is of course important and it corrects many disturbances to a certain extent, but then there are also issues that can’t be handled by it. There are some issues related to antenna that only professional technicians can fix.

Channels are not found

You won’t find any channels after a scan. Digital antennas are usually exposed to severe weather conditions. And birds use them as a perch. If you are living in coastal regions, salt air affects your digital antenna. Make sure you check that all the elements are in place. They should not be bent or missing. Your antenna will not have connected properly to your TV box. Have a look at the diagrams in the instruction manual. Make sure all the connections are securely in place. If you still can’t solve the problem, it is time to call a professional technician. Also, sometimes you old antennas may not be able to receive all the channels. In such case, replace the old antenna with a new one.