Different Types Of Fly Screen

Installing fly screens in your home has a lot of advantages. For one, it allows fresh air coming in your home as well as natural light, allowing you to lessen your consumption in electricity, thus, it gives you the opportunity to save money. It also helps in protecting your family from infections caused by insects and bugs that can enter your home if you leave the doors and windows open. Numerous advantages in having fly screens have already been demonstrated, and you might consider installing some in your home.

Fly screens come in different types and colors. Depending on your taste, you can choose from the most common types that are available in the market.

Standard Fly Screens.

This is basically the most common of all fly screens. In the standard fly screen, the mesh is extended within a frame and is secured with a special kind of strips. On all of the fly screen types, this is the one that is known to be the most permanent. However, you can choose from the variety of colors and sizes that are available in the market.

Retractable Fly Screens.

This type of fly screen is the one that can be pulled down or across the windows or doors, when it is needed to be hidden and is no longer needed. When it is concealed, the mesh is kept inside a special compartment or housing that cannot be seen at all. If you have stacking doors or French doors, this is the perfect fly screen that you can install. This also goes well with the types of windows and doors that are not normally protected by standard fly screens.

Magnetic Fly Screens.

If you need the fly screen to kept in place but easy to remove when you are about to clean it, then the magnetic fly screens will be the excellent type for you. There’s a magnetic seal all around the boarders of this fly screen that makes it securely attached. This is also the type of fly screen that id flexible, because it can be installed in both traditional and difficult types of doors. It can also be customized so that you can install it to windows that have an unusual shape.

If you consider installing fly screens at home, you can check out the hardware nearest you for these types of screen or you can go online and visit the Flexiscreens website by clicking here.