Designing an Annual Report? Here’s a Guide

Annual Report can become an important marketing tool for your business if you can design and print it smartly. In the past, annual reports were crammed with financial figures and technical jargon that made them unappealing to the layman. However, printing technology has undergone massive changes in recent years.

It is now possible to produce stunningly beautiful annual reports that ooze visual appeal and provide interesting information about your company, its history, the present market situation, future trends and much more. Commercial printers Sydney offer both designing and printing services. They can help you to create ant exclusive annual report which will set you apart from competitors.

Designing your Annual Report

The basic format of an annual report comprises balance sheet, independent auditor’s report, income details and a regular report on daily operations of the company. Along with these, there is the cover section and the appendices at the end.

The greatest challenge for a graphics designer is to maintain a harmony throughout these diverse sections. The final layout must have a healthy balance of compelling content, outstanding visuals, a dynamic theme and a look that conveys the personality of your business.


Since annual reports are increasingly being looked at as an effective advertising medium, it is important to brand them correctly. The very cover of the report should be such that it reflects your brand philosophy and your industry.

The cover design should be elegant and stylish and convey your exclusivity in the market. The cover must of course have your company logo and the corporate colours. Basic information should include name of the organization, the year of the annual report and publication date.