Dental Emegency – What To Do?

 Do not panic during this dental emergency and find out the knocked out tooth as fast as possible. Always hold the tooth only by its crown and wash off any dirt particles on the root of the tooth with water quickly. Do not rub.

Next, place the tooth in the socket carefully. If it is not possible to place the tooth in the socket, then immediately immerse the tooth in a container containing milk preventing the tooth from drying. Rush immediately to the dentist with the tooth. Your tooth can be saved if it is placed in your socket within one hour by dental clinics.

Chipped, Fractured and Cracked Tooth

Visit the dental clinic immediately in case of pain or you may have to lose your tooth. You can also take an over-the-counter pain killer for temporary relief. Rinse your mouth with warm water.

Observe carefully and if you see any sign of ‘pink’ in your tooth which is indicative of an exposed nerve, get ready for immediate treatment. If you experience no pain then you can be sure that the injury is not a severe one and you can visit your dentist any time within twenty four hours.

If your dentist caused you a problem, consult a medical negligence lawyers.

Abscess and Swelling

Dental abscess or pus-filled swellings can be caused due to infections and should never be ignored. Pain killers and cold compresses can only temporarily help control pain. Immediate dental supervision and treatment is necessary.

Whatever dental emergencies may arise, stay calm, visit dental denture and seek treatment without wasting time. Do not ignore and always keep smiling!

If you experience a medical negligence, consult a lawyer.

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