Corporate Marketing Kit For A Trade Show

Pocket Folder is the cornerstone for your promotional marketing kit, a toolbox for all your marketing tools. It will contain all the necessary documents that your potential costumers wish to carry around and it comes in a variety of different pocket styles, colours and binders. It has got enough space on the cover for you to add your company’s logo, name and contact information. To make a better impression, make sure you include a business card in the folder. Even if you are on a tight budget, never miss out on the pocket folder.

A list of products and services

In the pocket folder, include a list of the products or services that your company provides. Clearly mentioned what your company does and make sure your potential customers can see the benefits of doing business with your company. Do not exaggerate, but do not be shy to properly mention all the things that you can do for them.

Process Description

This is another important content that goes in your marketing kit. Through process description, you can show how you conduct your business. Create elaborate lists and flow charts. For a trade show, you should have these anyway, but by making it a part of your promotional kit, you will be able to represent your business in a much more professional way.

The objective of the promotional pen is not just to make the consumer use that product only, but through that usage they must identify with brand you are endorsing. Only then the aspired goal can be achieved.

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