Conveyancer vs Solicitor

Knowledge is an absolute must when it comes to this profession. Though both solicitors and conveyancers have formal degrees and at least a minimum level of knowledge, solicitors have a slight advantage. Solicitors go through a formal law degree, are able to understand more complex legal processes and requirements, and will be able to help you in all cases. Conveyancers have a more unidirectional view, and might advise you to get in touch with a solicitor, in case they are unable to handle a situation.


When it comes to budget, solicitors are slightly expensive than conveyancers – owing to their wide range of knowledge, degree and their position. However, you should not consider only the budget while choosing between them. If you know your case is pretty simple, you can go ahead with a conveyancer. If your case is complex, either go with a very experienced Conveyancer or a solicitor. Budget should not be the only issue as you’d not want to lose good amount of money later by compromising today.


Complex cases are always well handled by solicitors. When your case involves a lot of money, or complex transactions and multi-party involvement, you should take a solicitor’s help. Conveyancers might be able to solve the case – but if he/ she is not able to do so, they will ask you to continue it through a solicitor who has the authority to do a few things. So it’s better to start your process with a solicitor and not worry about money, if the case is complex.

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